Speech Advance prides itself in providing evidence-based treatment and resources, keeping up-to-date with relevant associations and societies



Resources for therapy are devised and provided, as appropriate, for each individual. These will vary largely between each client depending on their needs, therapy plan and goals agreed.


Where else can I go for information?

There are a variety of charities, associations and societies that offer information and support as well as funding research into specific conditions.



Lights, Camera, Action!

We always like doing something different in our working week!! This week we were filmed for a short video for Help for Heroes. And then we swapped roles, moving behind the camera to support our client who was, of course, the star of the video!  Read more >

Feb 18, 2022

Gold Standard Rehabilitation Service Presentation

We feel we have achieved our life work goals!! To be asked to present at a Case Management Conference on how to deliver a gold standard service we feel shows the level of service we offer. Read more to find out about our clients journey and why we were asked to present.  Read more >

Sep 27, 2021
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