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The EVA Project - Evaluating the effects of a virtual communication environment for people with Aphasia

Published 22nd March 2016

EVA (Evaluating the effects of a virtual communication environment for people with Aphasia) Park is a multi-user virtual world that gives people with Aphasia unique opportunities to practise their speech and establish social connections. Funded by the Stroke Association, EVA Park was created by the EVA project at City University London by a multidisciplinary team of usability experts, speech and language therapy researchers and consultants with Aphasia. It won the People's Award in the Tech4Good Awards 2015 and after todays study morning we can see why! 


The study morning, organised by West Midlands CEN, was held at Birmingham City University (BCU). The speech and language therapy researchers responsible for EVA Park presented information of research undertaken so far to a crowd of speech and language therapists. They then showcased their virtual communication environment by giving live demonstrations of how the virtual world works and what it entails.


Speech Advance was amazed at the possibilities it could provide and it was so so interesting to see how virtual worlds could help those with Aphasia. Although not available for use at the moment it may not be long before EVA Park could be used alongside therapy. It has certainly made all the therapists present think about what could be possible. Maybe this is the future of speech and language therapy? Take a look and see what you think!

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