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Afternoon Tea with Speech Advance

Published 6th June 2022

Afternoon Tea with the Shrewsbury PD UK Local Group


So it all started with a simple conversation....


"Can we pop round for afternoon tea and cake?' requested our wonderful Shrewsbury Parkinsons UK Group. 


Immediately, without any hesitation, Speech Advance replied, "Of course you can!!!" 



But then we found out the numbers!!! And we realised that we would have to sort out how to get a bus into the driveway and ensure we had enough chairs. But it was all organised easily....


So the group all visited Natalie's home, met her dogs, drank tea and ate Jackie's wonderful and very tasty, home made flapjacks. 




The sun came out so people were able to sit outside and enjoy the view. They laughed, they smiled, they chatted (using their fabulous voices) and they all had a wonderful time! 


We think it will definitely become an annual tradition - We hope so anyway!!! 


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