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Gold Standard Rehabilitation Service Presentation

Published 27th September 2021

Presenting on our Gold Standard Rehabilitation Service!


We feel we have achieved our life work goals - To be asked to present at a Case Management Conference on how to deliver a gold standard service surely must show the level of service we offer. It was a real honour to present! 


A while ago we were asked to see a client following a head injury he sustained in a motor cycle accident. Since our first meeting he has made a remarkable recovery in all areas of his life - in his walking, his speech and language, his eating and drinking, his daily life skills, his independence, his socialisation and largely his quality of life.


Behind this recovery is an incredibly determined and motivated man who wanted to improve. His family were exceptionally supportive and were there every step of the way. Aside from this he had what can only be described as a 'super hero' team around him. The whole team including his team lead, carers, rehab support workers, case manager, therapists, and solicitors worked together as I have never seen before. The team worked in a true interdisciplinary way and our clients rehabiliation was truly client centred. 


Our client has made a remarkable recovery and to be able to present on this and our inolvement in his success was a honour. It really was a rather emotional day looking back at our clients journey, how far he's come and how therapy and rehabilition should be delivered to achieve things we never thought possible!!!!


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