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Complimentary Email

Published 18th September 2020

Today we received an email from a wonderful person who attends one of our Parkinsons Speech Groups. When we read it, we nearly cried (happy tears of course) 


We often get compliments from our clients, their family members, other health professionals and the teams we work with. But we don't share these enough with you all. 


This email was just so lovely we thought we would share it with you. Take a read!


Hi Natalie, 

Just a quick word of thanks to you. I do appreciate the way you engage with us all in a non threatening way and of course therefore help any who can’t to participate by focusing on them and help them to achieve that which they can still do. Parkinson’s is a disease where there is often not any good news but you encourage and esteem all of us. 
It has been a hard summer for many loosing time in lockdown and not being able to do at least what each can do whilst we can. The contribution you have made to our abilities to continue to communicate is vital so I wanted to pass on sincerely my personal thanks.  The group work that you do gives us all a cohesion that I am sure helps our mental well being too. 
So please accept my sincere thanks and also appreciation that you take having your leg pulled and we can laugh as a group. That says something!



Thank you to the wonderful person who sent it and thank you for allowing us to share it. It honestly makes all our hard work worth while. We love running the groups.


All Speech Advance groups are still going ahead but over Zoom. We always have space, so please come and join us!! 

If you have any queries, require more information about speech and language therapy or would like to arrange an appointment please contact me today.