Speech Advance prides itself in providing evidence-based treatment and resources, keeping up-to-date with relevant associations and societies



Resources for therapy are devised and provided, as appropriate, for each individual. These will vary largely between each client depending on their needs, therapy plan and goals agreed.


Where else can I go for information?

There are a variety of charities, associations and societies that offer information and support as well as funding research into specific conditions.



Low Tech Communication Aids Making a Difference

When people find it extremely difficult to say even simple phrases, having a basic communication aid can facilitate conversation and social interactions. Today using the Tech Talk 8 enabled one of our clients to start a conversation with others. It was a wonderful moment!  Read more >

Sep 24, 2019

Take your children to work day!!

For the first time ever we took our children to work with us! Martha loved her role as Mummy's Speech and Language Assistant and gave our client's fantastic feedback....Afterall children don't lie do they!? Read more >

Jul 22, 2019

Tea, Cake and Speech Therapy

Speech Advance always likes to make speech therapy functional and so today we went to a cafe to order drinks and of course..cake! It would be rude not to!   Read more >

Jun 17, 2019
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