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Communication Groups for PD UK Local Branches

Published 13th May 2016

The Communication Support groups offer speech and language exercises and advice for those with Parkinson's. We concentrate on volume but also talk about the importance of relaxation, posture and adequate breath support. During the group we complete specific exercises on 'KEEPING LOUD' to improve the intelligibility of people's speech.


But mainly we have fun!! We make jokes and the banter flows. We even have a strictly judge panel!!!! But regardless the group members all encourage and support each other, both within and outside the group, which is so refreshing to see. I hear that they've even started using the LOUD techniques in their physiotherapy groups!! 


Cannot express enough how much improvement these fabulous people have made in such a short space of time. My advice for anyone with Parkinson's is to 'KEEP LOUD!'. A big 'thumbs up' for this group who did exactly that! 


If you would be interested in starting up a group at your local branch or would like to become a member of the Shreswbury Branch then please don't hestitate to contact. 


If you have any queries, require more information about speech and language therapy or would like to arrange an appointment please contact me today.