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Speech Advance examine students at Birmingham City University

Published 22nd February 2016

Birmingham City University (BCU) has around 23,500 students from 80 countries. It is a large, diverse and increasingly popular place to study. The University has an enviable reputation for providing quality, student-focused education in a professional and friendly environment and is the only provider for Speech and Language Therapy training in the West Midlands.


The Speech and Language Therapy course at BCU enables students to become professionals and deliver much needed help in assessing, diagnosing and working with people of all ages with communication or swallowing difficulties. It is known for its block placements within SLT departments and thus prepares students well for professional life.


Part of the students training is to complete VIVAs. In the second year of study students are given client information such as client age, diagnosis and presentation and will be provided with some assessment results. Students then have a set time to plan further assessment. In front of a lecturer and clinician the students present their plans. This is where Speech Advance comes in! Students had the pleasure (or the misfortune!!) to have Speech Advance present in their VIVAs as the 'clinician' examiner. 


It was a thoroughly lovely day and we're pleased to announce that all the students did very well!! - phew!! 


For more information about studying Speech and Language Therapy BSc (Hons) at BCU please visit their website

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