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Never Underestimate the Value of Communication

Published 5th April 2019

Never Underestimate the Value of Communication


In a group today our clients told us how they felt when they struggled to communciate. And then how they felt when they could. Take a look at both lists!! 


Imagine struggling to find or say your words. Imagine struggling to read and write. Imagine struggling to use facial expression, body language, keep eye contact or use the correct pitch in your voice. Imagine struggling to be heard. 


We use all these types of communciation for nearly everything we do each day. With mental health issues on the rise Speech Therapy is crucial to support those with Communciation Difficulties.


At Speech Advance we are passionate about not only client's communication skills but also their mental well-being. And we will do all we can to make sure people CAN communicate to their potential so they are in that better list!!! 


If you have any queries, require more information about speech and language therapy or would like to arrange an appointment please contact me today.