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What a year 2017 was!! Here's to making 2018 even better!!

Published 2nd January 2018

Well.... what a wonderful, busy year we had last year..... What with a vast amount of one to one therapy, coffee drinking, biscuit eating, lots of group fun, going to conferences, providing training and giving talks, completing therapy with piglets in the same room and discovering clients hidden talents..... it really was a fantastic year full of variety wink

But how we loved every minute of it!! And the best bits were seeing people improve in their communication and confidence to communicate!! It makes my job really worth while!!


I feel so so proud of our therapy services, the ethos we have and the achievements that we've made and feel honoured to work with the people we do! A huge well done to all our clients and our colleagues for all their successes last year! Here's to making 2018 even better - if that is even remotely possible!!! Happy New Year everyone! winkyessmiley

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