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PD UK's Shropshire Working Together Event

Published 1st November 2017

Parkinson's UK hold local Working Together Events twice a year which are a great opportunity to meet, share experiences and knowledge with staff, volunteers and people with Parkinson's within your local area. Speech Advance felt honoured to be invited to attend the Shropshire Working Together Event.


The theme of the event was 'Reaching Out' and reflects PD UK's vision and values in reaching out to everyone affected by Parkinson's. We all know this is a huge task and won't happen overnight but the group work and discussions gave people an opportunity  to reflect on how our local networks are developing and reaching more people. It was about building on the support already offered by local groups whilst thinking about the diverse groups of people that are affected by Parkinson's who may not be fully represented.


The day was attended by Dr Thompson, Consultant Geriatrician, who presented on her role within the NHS and PD UK's Chris Holme (Local Network Development Manager) and Katherine French (Excellence Network).  As well as presentations there were stalls with a vast amount of information and local PD groups produced stands on what their local branches offered - Speech Advance were thrilled to be featured! Workshops hi-lighted where development was needed and action plans were outlined. 


The event was a great opportunity to come together, share successes, plan and get to know the local teams, volunteers and other people with Parkinson's. Speech Advance met so many lovely people, came away with ideas of new initiatives and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 



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