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Patient Safety Ambassador Conference

Published 26th February 2016

'Feeding at Risk' is certainly at hot topic at the moment. If a patient is deemed unsafe to eat and drink and is found to be unsuitable for alternative nutrition and hydration, then risk feeding may be considered.

Risk feeding is also indicated if the patient has capacity, understands fully the high risks of aspiration of oral intake but chooses to continue to eat and drink. (RCSLT Position Paper, 2014) 

The presentation at the conference will largely discuss the process taken to make the decision to feed patients at risk. It will include information around the people who need to be involved and discuss the pathways that should be followed. 


If you are interested in this topic or require training for your team in a similar area then please get on contact. We are more than happy to discuus your individual needs for training around such an essential area. 

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