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Clients Got Talent!!!!

Published 28th July 2017

Mr Lawrence Kilkenny sent me this wonderful poem. He really is extremely talented and very kind to send it to us. Lawrence has had some help with his swallowing and also received LOUD therapy for his voice due to having Parkinsons. He has made huge progress and his voice is now fantastic. we're very proud of his acheivements and couldn't thank him enough for this amazing peom!




If you desire improvements to your voice 

Than Natalie's the therapist of choice 

She'll leave you feeling satisfied and proud

By following her drills and thinking LOUD!


She'll get you practising your daily phrases

Like "I like picking buttercups and daisies"

Now, any simple phrases are allowed

But she will scold you if you don't KEEP LOUD


Through open windows neighbours near and far

Will hear increasing sounds AH AH AH AH

They'll probably be thinking "my god! WOW!"

"Next door are having an almighty row!"


You can explain to them (but please don't shout)

"My vocal training's what it's all about"

"There's no domestic-we're all hugs and kisses;

"I'm certainly not shouting at my missus!"


If, after drinking - chokes and splutters follow

You clearly find it difficult to swallow.

To make sure foodstuffs don't stick in your throat 

Add thickeners to liquids - please take note.


I've had a lovely time with Natalie;

She's quite the best speech therapist for me.

To help you give your voice a pleasing sound 

She's quite the best speech therapist around.



If you have any queries, require more information about speech and language therapy or would like to arrange an appointment please contact me today.