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Communication Groups for Stroke and Head Injury

Published 3rd July 2017

We are so pleased to announce that we have now started running Communciation Groups for those with language difficulties as a result of Stroke or head Injury. The groups are informal and relaxed. During the group we work on spoken output along with reading and writing skills.....all at the same time as having a giggle. 


Groups are kept small so never intimidating and focus on functional areas of everyday living such as greetings, introductions, offering drinks....and making them if you're helpful ;) !! During the group we take it in turns to pick out topics such as 'holidays' 'family' and 'hobbies'. Each topic is then discussed over a cup of tea using strategies that will aid spoken output. The group aims to not only improve speech and language skills but also give people strategies of how to cope with communication difficulties in everyday life.


Communciation Groups run for approximately one and a half hours. We thought this may be too long but time definitely flies when you're having fun! 


If you feel you would benefit or know someone who may benefit then please get in contact with us! We're more than happy to talk further about the groups and would welcome new members. 



If you have any queries, require more information about speech and language therapy or would like to arrange an appointment please contact me today.