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OSCE examinations at Birmingham City University

Published 1st June 2017

Speech Advance had the pleasure today to visit BCU to help lecturers examine first year students completing their OSCE's (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations).


Each student is given information of a client they are about to see. During the OSCE they have to make a phone call to the clients relative/ carer and complete a 1;1 session to gather information. After the session they have time to reflect on their performance. The visiting clinician and lecturer then asked questions related to the session.


Each student has a set time to prepare for their session with the client. The idea is that they run the whole session as they would if they were seeing a real client. They have to set up the room appropriately and then gather the required information from the client in a way that suits that client best. 


The visiting clinician (Speech Advance in this case!) role plays the client while the lecturer take notes. Each component is videoed and then marked immediately after. 


It really must be so nerve wrecking and so we're happy to report that all the students we examined did very well. So a massive well done to them all! and a huge well done to the lecturers for perparing them so well! Speech Advance always enjoys working with BCU - it doesnt seem that long ago we were there ourselves!! But as always the team are extremely friendly and while it may feel stressful there are always still smiles!!!! 

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