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West Midlands Clinical Excellence Network study day - 'Aphasia and Quality of Life' with Madeline Cruice

Published 11th May 2017


Central (West Midlands) Neuro Rehab C.E.N.


‘Aphasia and Quality of Life’

Madeline Cruice*

AssocProf at City University of London


Friday 7th July 2017



Seacole Building, City South Campus, Westbourne Rd, Birmingham B15 3TN


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Birmingham City University, Faculty of Health, City South Campus, Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3TN


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Madeline Cruice is a speech and language therapist specialising in quality of life in aphasia who joined City University London in 2002. She initially studied and worked at the University of Queensland, Australia, where her degree and PhD were in speech pathology. Her key interests at doctoral level were modelling the relationship between communication and quality in older adults with and without aphasia (an acquired communication disorder post-stroke); and investigating bias in participant-proxy respondent reporting on quality of life measures. She worked conjointly with the Royal Brisbane Hospital, and was involved in the foundation of the Australian Aphasia Association. Her main area of work has been the application of quality of life in adult clinical practice, with particular interests in psychosocial wellbeing, goal setting and outcome measures, and the impact of aphasia on the process of quality of life evaluation. Within education, she has pioneered the development of new clinical placements within the voluntary sector, and developed the Classroom-to-Clinic skills programme and the Communication Skills Intensive, which accelerate students' learning of core clinical skills in paediatrics and adults.


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