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Client's with Hidden Talents

Published 10th April 2017

So when I saw a new client last week, who has Parkinson's and came to see me for help with his speech, I didnt expect him to then send me an amazing poem he had written shortly after. Lawrence Kilkenny then went on to kindly give me permission to share it with you all, which quite frankly is just the icing on the cake! So here it is........


Though therapy's not started yet, 

With Natalie, wife of a vet,

If I'm timid - not proud,

And speak softly - not loud,

Then failure is all that I'll get.


But, by putting my hand in my pocket,

And by paying NJ Mincher-Lockett.

If I do what she says

For the rest of my days

Then results will come swift as a rocket.


So we're certainly free of compunction,

After cooking and eating our luncheon,

To then jump in the car

And drive not very far

To "The Paddocks", near Norbury Junction.


But in Natalie's beautiful house 

My performance will cause her to grouse

If I fail, unlike boys, 

To make deafening noise

But, instead, am as quiet as a mouse.


But my voice can sound cliched and stilted

(its like saying all Scotsmen are kitled).

When my bellows and yells

Have reached high decibels

Then I hope that I'll find I've not wilted.


Just try to keep up with the pace;

You're running a marathon race.

If you train hard and long

You'll be singing a song

As you end in a beautiful place. 


Lawrence Kilkenny (April 2017) 


I think you'll agree it is absolutely fantastic!! I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much Lawrence. Now let's get your therapy started, let's get you speaking louder and clearer and let's just get on with making those imporvements!


And Remember (to all those people out there with PD!)...... KEEP LOUD!!!!!  

If you have any queries, require more information about speech and language therapy or would like to arrange an appointment please contact me today.