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Celebrating Client Progress

Published 7th February 2017

It's not often here at Speech Advance that we shout about the success of our client's. And we think its about time we did! We always talk about how therapy needs to be functional and work towards goals that benefit people in their daily lives, whether that be working on communication within the home, ordering coffee in a cafe, doing the shopping, making phonecalls or indeed having the communication skills to go back to work. 



Well here's proof! Here is one our client's Simon, having his speech and language therapy session in Newport just after ordering his brother and I our drinks! Such a hard life having your coffee ordered for you!!!! When Speech Advance first met Simon his speech was unintelligible and he needed to use his lightwriter (communication aid) to make himself understood. Since therapy started he has progressed beyond our expectations. On this day the cafe was busy and noisy and he didn't need to use his communciation aid once! Simon and I have had his speech therapy sessions both at home and out and about. We've even made a trip to the bank. He has progressed so much since I met him. Though his sense of humour hasn't changed.... He's still as witty as ever!!!!  










Another success story belongs to Ryan. When Speech Advance first met Ryan he tended to use single words, had word-finding difficulties and made phonemic errors. 

Recently he was the best man at his best friends wedding  and he stood up infront of all the guests and independently did a speech!

I could not be prouder of his achievements. Huge credit to Ryan and his fiance, Charlotte, who have worked so hard and have shown a huge amount of determination with all respects of Ryan's rehabilitation.    








It really is just so amazing what Simon and Ryan have achieved in such a short space of time. Each and every week our clients make progress, from little stepping stones to huge ones. And sometimes the little achievements are the hardest - things that we can all take for granted in our daily lives that make a huge impact. But they all count and they all make me extremely proud! And make the job we do so so worth while!!! 


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