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Celebrating Client Progress

Feb 7, 2017

It's not often here at Speech Advance that we shout about the success of our client's. And we think it's about time we did! From week to week we work with people who struggle with their communication, from very basic levels to higher level difficulties. And client's frustrations vary from the very little things that we take for granted such as saying hello, telling your family you love them (or indeed telling them off for little daily annoyances), all the way to not been able to order a drink, do the shopping, read a novel, or go to work. And each week we see success in each level for each client. So here are a couple of success stories we've kindly been given permission to share...  Read more >

Extra PD UK Local Groups at Telford

Sep 2, 2016

Back in February 2016 we were excited to announce that Speech Advance would be working with Shrewsbury PD UK Local Branch to offer drop-in Communication Advice and Support Groups to people with Parkinson's. Well we are happy to announce the growth of these groups. Speech Advance will now also be running groups with Telford PD UK Local Branch. Thats four groups everyone month!   Read more >

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