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OSCE examinations at Birmingham City University

Jun 6, 2019

Today Speech Advance spent the day with lecturers at Birmingham City University (BCU) examining first year students completing their OSCE's (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations).  As always the lecturers and clinical educators were so welcoming and supportive to us visiting clinicans and to the students, which made the day so enjoyable. These examinations must be so nerve wrecking for the students but we're happy to say that all the students did well! So a massive well done to them all! And to the lecturers for preparing them so well!  Read more >

When the suns out so are we!!

May 16, 2019

Speech Advance always like to make the most of the gorgeous weather! So today we did our sessions outside!! The sun certainly made us and our client's feel better!  Read more >

Never Underestimate the Value of Communication

Apr 5, 2019

In a group today our client's told us how they felt when they struggled to communicate and then how they felt when they could. The lists we put together couldn't be more different and emphasised the importance of successful communciation on mental well-being!    At Speech Advance we are passionate about not only client's communciation but also their mental well-being and will do all we can to ensure people communciate to their full potential so they don't end up feeling this way!   Take a look at the lists and see what you think!! Read more >

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