Lee Silvermann Voice Therapy (LSVT)

Speech Advance offers Lee Silvermann Voice Therapy (LSVT) for clients with Parkinson’s Disease and other neurological conditions.


LSVT is a clinically-proven method for improving individuals voice and speech. It focuses on a single goal to ‘speak LOUD!’ to maximise speech intelligibility.


What is LSVT LOUD?

LSVT LOUD™ is an effective speech treatment for individuals with Parkinson disease (PD) and other neurological conditions.

The treatment improves vocal loudness by stimulating the muscles of the voice box (larynx) and speech mechanism through a systematic hierarchy of exercises. Focused on a single goal “speak LOUD!” – the treatment improves respiratory, laryngeal and articulatory function to maximise speech intelligibility. The treatment does not train people to shout or yell but uses loudness training to bring the voice to an improved, healthy vocal loudness with no strain.

Treatment is administered in 16 sessions over a single month (four individual 60 minute sessions per week). The treatment not only simulates the motor system but also incorporates sensory awareness training to help individuals recognize that their voice may be too soft and making them comfortable with their new louder voice. Patients are trained to self-generate the adequate amount of loudness to make their speech understood.

LSVT has been scientifically studied for nearly 20 years. Published research data support improvements in vocal loudness, intonation, and voice quality for individuals with PD who received LSVT LOUD, with improvements maintained up to two years after treatment. Recent research studies have also documented the effectiveness of this therapy in improving the common problems of disordered articulation, diminished facial expression and impaired swallowing.


Where else to go for information?

LSVT Global, Inc. pioneered the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT). More information on treatment and research can be found on their website:



What do we charge for LSVT?

We offer you a free initial discussion over the phone to discuss your needs.

Initial Assessment from £125 per hour

Accurate diagnosis is essential for planning appropriate therapy. A range of formal (standardised) and informal assessments will be used as appropriate to form a diagnosis.

Therapy Session from £80

A standard therapy session normally lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. This is the time spent with the client and family. The fee also includes time spent outside the consultation in preparation of material and planning.

LSVT Package

Initial Assessment from £125

LSVT 16 session package - Therapy Session from £65

Travel costs are charged at £40 per hour and 45p per mile.

Attendance at Case Conferences, Multi-Disciplinary Meetings and other related discussions will be charged £80 per hour.

Additional requests, for reports, letters and/or phone calls will be charged per item. 

If you have any queries or require more information with regards to costs please do not hesitate to contact me.


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